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Ukraine International adjusts schedule in response to Covid-19 further transmission

In response to quarantine measures introduced by the Governments of some countries following the recommendations of the World Health Organization, Ukraine International adjusts flight schedule on several routes.


The airline decided to suspend Kyiv – Venice flights between March 12 and April 12. Passengers may leave Italy on the UIA flights from Rome and Milano which will be operated mainly to bring Ukrainians back home. Travelers that need to travel from Venice or any other Italian city to catch their flight to Ukraine are obliged to fill out a special declaration.


In response to the new entry rules introduced by Israel, Ukraine International has adjusted its flight schedule of flights connecting the cities of Ukraine and Tel Aviv. Notably, within the period of March 12 – April 08, the airline will cancel flights between Odesa and Tel Aviv (except March 18 and 25) and Dnipro and Tel Aviv. Kharkiv – Tel Aviv flights will not be operated between March 15 and April 08. UIA will continue to operate Kyiv – Tel Aviv flights twice daily. Passengers from Dnipro – Tel Aviv flights will be offered an alternative option of traveling via Kyiv.


Until May 22, Ukraine International suspends its Kyiv – Izmir flights. Passengers holding tickets for flights to/from Izmir will be offered to travel via Istanbul. Flights between Odesa and Istanbul will be suspended until April 01.

The United Kingdom

From March 13 through April 7, Ukraine International will be operating daily flights between Kyiv and London (LGW).

Ukraine Domestic

Domestic flight schedule will be adjusted as well. Until April 08, UIA will cut the second frequency of flights between Kyiv and Kherson, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, and Zaporizhzhia.

Passengers of all cancelled flights who have filled out their contact details while booking their tickets will be contacted proactively.

“In response to lower demand, many international carriers cut frequencies or suspended flights to some countries, – noted Evgeniya Satska, Ukraine International Communications Director. – Ukraine International is no exception. We stay attuned to our passengers’ ever-increasing anxiety regarding trips to the regions under quarantine. Therefore, we adjust our schedule so that the demand for traveling by air is fully met and the safety of our passengers and crews is ensured.”

To ensure health safety, Ukraine International will be performing complete disinfection of all aircraft arriving from Italy until epidemiologic level returns to normal.

The airline will inform of any further decisions regarding schedule adjustments.


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